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Stellar Age is an MMO which, much like the legendary 'Ogame', players start controlling a single planet, but have the potential to rule the entire galaxy. Of course, dominating the galaxy is no simple task, making it necessary to create alliances with other players if you want to expand your realm to the entire universe.

All the players in Stellar Age share the same seemingly unending universe, which has more then 20 thousand solar systems and over 300 thousand planets! And of course, your ships can be sent to explore nearby solar systems and planets at any moment.

Among the responsibilities of ruling a planet is the management of your fleet, a crucial component not only for exploring and attacking other players, but also for the search for new technologies that allow you to build more advanced ships and buildings. But don't be too hasty to spend all your time exploring; defenses must be built on your own planet if you don't want to be easy prey for other players.

Stellar Age is a colossal MMO, with spectacular graphics that offers fun and intense gameplay. It has everything from robot pirates controlled by artificial intelligence to other players in exciting PVP battles.


Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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